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Cabo 35 Maiden voyage

mvc-001f.jpg (61291 bytes) Brand New Cabo 35 goes through pre-start inspection with Capt. Ed and Mate Bernie. The Staff of J&J Fabricators do a great make ready job.


March 1, 2000 is not the official start of the north east boating season, but when the call comes in to move a brand new Cabo 35 from the tower fabricator J&J Marine Fabricating in Falmouth , Mass to Northeast Yacht Sales in Portland, CT, you jump at the chance. A call  from Ed Zyskowski at NortheastYacht sales with the question, "want to take a boat ride?"  My reply was , what and where.   Thanks to my association with Northeast Yacht sales I often get an opportunity to run deliveries of brand new Cabo and Viking Yachts, two premier boat brands.  I have in the past run many new Cabo Yachts for Northeast as well as the Cabo Factory.  Cabo 31, Cabo 35 express and bridge and the Cabo 45 express. Every time I board a Cabo I am impressed with the fit and finish of these boats. Flawless fiberglass and overkill hardware are everywhere you look. Dogged hatches with piston cylinders make for secure rattle proof enclosures. The wiring is a work of art. Too bad it is enclosed by fine teak cabinetry, something this well done should be on public display.. A tour through the engine room reveals smooth gelcoated and awlgripped surfaces. Everything is meticulously secured and labeled. No corners are cut here or anywhere else on these boats.

Our delivery begins as Bernie stows the dock lines and we head toward the inlet and on to Portland, CT and Northeast Yacht Sales, the Cabo dealer. mvc-012f.jpg (49083 bytes)

    The 35 that was being moved this day was berthed next to the lift well at McDougals Marina in Falmouth inner harbor. A white hulled express with a J&J tower and Rupp riggers. This boat was fresh from the trucker and the twin 3208 Cat's had not been fired up since testing at the factory. Hynatic controls were just slightly stiff from the cold temperatures. Preliminary engine room checks showed all systems go after a quart of oil was added to top off each engine. We opened the sea cocks to the engines, touched the start switches and despite the 40 degree temperatures they fired right to life.  The slight amount of bio-degradable antifreeze that flowed from the exhaust ports meant we were ready to cast off.

    The piloting of brand new, never been run boats is sometimes an adventure. These boats have no electronics and usually have not been fully commissioned and water tested. All the vendor supplied accessories like anchors, fenders, lines, power cords, etc are usually stuffed in any and all lockers that can hold them.  All cushions and upholstery are wrapped in protective plastic. All hatches and doors are covered with plastic sheets taped in place. All precautions are taken to protect the new vessel during  delivery by land and sea. All this to assure the new owner gets a squeaky clean and new boat.

    Falmouth Harbor is located on the south shore of Cape Cod on Vineyard Sound. A narrow but effective breakwater protects this small harbor that is a summertime beehive of activity. A destiation waypoint that is loaded with moored boats and almost wall to wall marinas. The harbor is also the home port for the ferry that runs to Martha's Vineyard. But on march 1st the harbor has just recently thawed out from a cold winter blast that made it one big ice skating rink.  No boats moored today, only a few commercial fisherman watched as the Cabo idled out toward the inlet. We catch a break in the weather as blue skies and bright sun are with us this morning. Vineyard sound can possess many weather personalities and over the years we have experienced them all. Today our Cabo run would be over glass calm seas with almost unlimited visibility. We head west after we pass the Falmouth buoy #28 to port. We have a smooth run down sound passed the Buzzards Bay light where we set our next waypoint on the hand held Garmin GPS to buoy # 4, Point Judith, RI.  Visibility so clear we can easily see the bridge in Newport to starboard and Block Island to port. Changes are made to vary our cruising RPM throughout the trip to aid in the break- in of these smooth running V8 Cat's. Running at 2200 rpms gives us a 25+ knot cruise with plenty of rpm's on tap. This rock solid vessel should easily top 30+ knots. This Y2K version 35 has the new and improved hull design. The calm sea conditions did not give us a chance to really enjoy its benefits but a full cruise speed crossing of the New London Ferries wake gave us a smooth, soft and dry entry. Head seas on this Cabo should be no problem.  We run to Valiant rock and through the race where we loose almost 3 knots of speed to the fast out going tide. The steep chop of the race did not affect the ride of our 35 and we did not take on a drop of water from the bow spray, a pleasant surprise on an express boat in these conditions. Next way point is Saybrook #8 and through the lighthouse breakwater into the Connecticut River at Saybrook Point. The entrance to the river is no-wake to just past the marinas and is heavily patrolled during the boating season. This March 1st we are the only vessel underway and we press our luck and don't back down the Cat's until we near Harbor One Marina. We idle up to the resume speed mark and request a bridge opening . A boat ride on the Connecticut river is a beautiful trip even in the winter. A trip few pleasure boaters get to make. Our run to Portland and Northeast's docks takes a little longer than normal. Late winter high water washes down all sorts of debris from the banks along with lots of very large logs. It's like running through a mine field. Ed Zyskowski is waiting for us on the docks as we pull into Portland. Fast running river current always tests ones docking skills and this trip is no exception. Our trip is now over and this beautiful vessel is turned over to the dealer exactly as it was received 5+ hours ago in Falmouth , Mass. Home port inspection shows no oil consumed and the fuel gauge moved less than a 1/4 tank. A new boat just waiting to make some new owner very happy.

Thanks for the ride                        

Capt. Ed

Northeast Yacht Sales                      J&J Marine Fabricating

Ed Zyskowski                                   Jeff Botelho

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Thanks to Steve and Pippa at J&J for the photo's