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Spend time with your guests, not at the helm.

Big-a-boat.gif (41340 bytes) Some times you might want to skip the bother and the fuss and leave the driving to us. Capt. Ed

Want to entertain some of your best clients and business associates aboard your boat but afraid your command of the helm might interfere with your social duties?

    Not a problem. Offshore Marine Services can provide the qualified and experienced captain and crew to run your vessel for you. We can take care of all aspects of your trip planning. Dockage, fuel, courses to and from your destination.   We can even take care of the catering for you. All this so you can relax and devote your efforts to the enjoyment of your guests and vessel. Call us to see how cost effective this red carpet treatment can be.


Want to travel with your boat to new and unknown destinations....Take your boat to places that your experience level might not yet be up to ?

     Make the most of your quality time on the water with a "Captain For A Day". We can crew your vessel for the destination of your choice. Take the worry and apprehension out of first time voyages.

If you need us....Just Call Us !